Wish List

Big container of curry powder

Cream of Tartar

Regular or Super Plastic Applicator Tampons (I’m probably set on these for a few months now.)

Children’s picture books


Food coloring


Maple Flavoring

Pastry Cutter

Swedish Meatball Mix



  1. was your experience at the Nu Century Womens and Childrens Hospital ?
    Thinking of working there and what you have described is unacceptable and not reflective of patient family centered care

    1. This was at the Children’s Hospital, not the Women and Children’s Hospital, which looks super nice and fancy and modern and expensive. I imagine the experience would be different, though I would be surprised if anything would change the Chinese idea that children don’t need to be with their parents when they’re being treated. But the building from the outside looks awfully nice. Way nicer than any other hospital I’ve seen here.

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