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We’ve Been Had: Our Own Personal Chinese Scam Story

Last January about 3 weeks before rent was due, I asked my friend to call my landlord and ask about the details for paying rent on February 15 (he doesn’t speak English, so she always helps us). The next day I got a message with a bank account number and a name. It was at […]

Some Un-Informed Impressions of Chinese Language

My thoughts on Chinese. It’s a crazy-hard language to learn to read. You can’t just look at a word and sound it out and use your knowledge of the spoken language to figure it out. You have to memorize it. You can’t encounter a word you’ve never learned before and use logic to figure it […]

THAI SmartKidz International

My children are now in school, in these adorable uniforms, at a bilingual kindergarten that I can actually afford and that is everything I’d wish for my children. Lots of time to play mixed in with lots of learning, and such individualized care and attention. I had no idea there was anything even like this […]

Trip to a Fancy Chinese Restaurant

This week was my dear friend Zhao’s 51st (or 52nd, depending on how Chinese she was being when she told me how old she was when we met), and she let me come along to lunch with her mother and her son on her birthday to a very nice Chinese restaurant in Nankai. It was […]

Our Growing Zoo

We have five pets now. We started with our three hamsters that we bought the children for Christmas our first month here. Then we befriended the bunny at our favorite restaurant and I started hoping for a rabbit, so two weeks ago, we went to the pet mall and picked out a soft, fluffy, quiet […]

The Adventure Begins…

On Sunday morning, December 4th, we woke the kids up and said goodbye to our home for the last 3 weeks in Florida, and our dear hosts, Craig, Michelle, Baby Kenzie, Bentley (the dog) and the Little Blind Puppy (formerly known as Little Dog, clearly also a dog), and were taken by Grandpa (Brian’s dad, […]