Monthly Archives: September 2013

Chinese Parents and their Children

I want to share a little something about a friend of mine, relating to Chinese parents and their children. In China, it’s not uncommon for Chinese children to live with their grandparents rather than their parents. Maybe their parents are poor rural people who move to the cities for jobs and send money back home […]

Having an Ayi – What’s WRONG with Me?!

I do not know what my problem is. I hate having an ayi. I do like coming home on a day I happen to be out all morning and haven’t seen her at all, and I come home and my house is clean. Like magic. And I should be clear that my ayi is a […]

Ancient History – An Unpleasant Incident

This is something that happened last year, and at first I felt so terrible about it that I didn’t want to talk about it, and then I forgot about it, but for some reason I was reminded of it recently. It was back when the boys were still two, just before they turned three, and […]