Monthly Archives: August 2013

A New Business, a New Job, a New Ayi and a New School

So much has been happening lately that I almost have an excuse for never writing blog posts. Brian has changed jobs (though he’s still at his old job for two more weeks to fulfill the part of his contract that says he must give 30 days’ notice), and will be teaching at an American high […]

Medical Check Revisited

One of my first brushes with real life in China was the trip to the Tianjin International Travel Clinic which I posted about here–I guess it’s one way to weed through all the foreigners who want to live here and keep only the ones who can handle Chinese-style medical affairs and ridiculous red tape. My […]

Another Day at Taobao Street

For the first time since moving to China, I took a personal day and bought myself clothes. Other than buying myself 4 fantastic pairs of capri pants with my sister last year for 10 kuai a piece ($1.60), I haven’t really bought any clothes here, mostly because I can’t take the pressure of people staring […]