Children’s Day


Children’s Day is a big deal in China. It must make up for the fact that they don’t have a holiday as awesome as Christmas and they don’t make such a big deal out of birthdays. The kids do a show at school, the school gives them presents, their parents give them presents, and they do fun stuff. This year, our children participated in a “little” show put on by their kindergarten, a very small school that is in another apartment in our neighborhood. It’s so small that they couldn’t let the parents actually come watch the show, because they wouldn’t fit, so they filmed it and put it online. But they were kind enough to let me stay and watch. I was so surprised by the trouble they went to for such a small school. Here is the introduction, done by Piper’s favorite classmates (at least the boys). I was like, What is UP with those girls’ outfits?! (By the way, you don’t have to watch all of or any of these videos, and definitely don’t watch the whole thing of any of them, you’d be bored out of your mind.)

Then I found out what their clothes were all about. Piper was so sad she wasn’t in this dance, but I think it was just because they thought she couldn’t understand enough to do it.

I am not including the next two videos because they’re the oldest class, the “xue xian ban” (I don’t know how to spell that, really), the 6 year olds that are going to Grade 1 in the fall. Piper will move up and be in this class in September. I can’t get over how much bigger they are than the rest of the kids. But they’re on my Youtube if you’re so inclined (I’m sure you’re not). This next video is Daisy’s little class, the youngest ones, two to three years old. Daisy is the 3rd from the right, and they’re singing a song about their baba and mama hugging and taking care of them, I think.

Here’s some good old Chinese “Happy and You Know It” sung by Daisy’s class.

Toby and Teddy’s class, the zhong ban (middle class, 3- and 4-year-olds), singing. Toby’s really got this song down, and I was so surprised he participated after being so angry about even going up there. I was also surprised Teddy stood there like a little dork with his pants backwards, poor thing.

This is Piper’s class mixed with Teddy and Toby’s class reciting a little English thing the teacher thought of. One of the children wore a fruit headband and said, “I’m a…(name a fruit),” and their partner held their hand and said, “I like…(said fruit).” It was almost impossible to hear, except Piper, who got to be with her best friend, Guan Pei Zuo.

The same group of kids singing “I Like Counting Fruit” by Patty Shukla. Poor Teddy, he just couldn’t figure out what his fingers were supposed to do (way off to the right).

Daisy’s class came out and did ANOTHER number, this time all decked out like hula dancers. They were ridiculously adorable.

This is my personal favorite, because my girl is in it, and I am so proud of how hard she concentrated, and how hard she must have practiced. I had no idea they were even doing this. And I love to see her in the middle of all her Chinese classmates. At one point, they pair up with another one and put their swords together, and there was confusion, and no one paired up with her, and she was so confused and my heart just ached for her, but she kept trying.

And the highlight of the morning (not including Piper’s dance above), was this big surprise. They picked the absolutely perfect boy for the part, and I love how the one girl on the right is just doing her own thing.

And the last song (there was one after, which was, believe it or not, Poker Face, performed by Piper’s class, but Piper was too tired and my camera battery had died). The whole school, minus my two boys. Thanks for watching!


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