Monthly Archives: January 2013

Trouble at School

The children have been going to their Chinese kindergarten for 2 months now. They don’t cry about it anymore, though they’re not usually excited to go. The teachers, in spite of thinking my kids are uncivilized hooligans, seem to love them and are excessively kind to them. The male teacher, on Piper’s birthday when we […]

Some Un-Informed Impressions of Chinese Language

My thoughts on Chinese. It’s a crazy-hard language to learn to read. You can’t just look at a word and sound it out and use your knowledge of the spoken language to figure it out. You have to memorize it. You can’t encounter a word you’ve never learned before and use logic to figure it […]

Another Great Chinese Menu.

One of my favorite things in China is reading a menu with English translations in it. I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading them. Here are the best ones from a recent trip to a restaurant, for you to enjoy, too.

Celebrating Piper’s Birthday with Our Chinese Family

For Piper’s birthday, we invited our closest Chinese friends to come and celebrate with us. I wish I didn’t dread entertaining so much! I hate getting the house clean and trying to keep it that way while I prepare the food. It means that my children watch a lot of TV, and I get very […]

Reflections on Our First Year in China

December 7th was the first day of our second year in China. Quite coincidentally, Brian re-entered China the exact same day that our passports were stamped last year (though we technically arrived 30 minutes before the new day began). I don’t know why exactly it feels so much longer than a year that we have […]