THAI SmartKidz International

My children are now in school, in these adorable uniforms, at a bilingual kindergarten that I can actually afford and that is everything I’d wish for my children. Lots of time to play mixed in with lots of learning, and such individualized care and attention. I had no idea there was anything even like this in Tianjin (most international kindergartens are over-the-top expensive and don’t admit Chinese children, and what am I in China for, if not to expose my children to Chinese people?). It’s right in Heping, right next to my apartment building, no less. Their teachers are all Filipino (native English speakers), with one Chinese assistant teacher, and half the day is in Chinese if you sign up for the bilingual program (there’s all-English, too, but my kids have that covered). The website is here and you should check it out! (You might see my kids in some of the pictures.) THAI SmartKidz International.


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