A Trip to the Russian Circus in China

I have to say I was a little nervous about going to the circus in China, as China is not exactly famous for it’s safety precautions. The last thing in the world I want is for my children to watch a tiger eat somebody or see somebody fall to their death right while they watch (okay, that’s not the LAST thing I want; the LAST thing I want would be those things happening TO my children, but we’ll call it second to last). We went with Sunny (the girl I tutor) and her mother, and her little neighbor, Dou Dou (pronounced Do Do, an affectionate name that means Little Bean), and his mom. What a wonderful experience! It wasn’t too hot, or too crowded (it was FULL, but not more than full, and it was just a regular circus tent, nothing more). Actually, it was BETTER than the circus in America because the performers were Russian and the audience was Chinese, so there was no talking and no stupid jokes. Best of all, Chinese people seem much more responsive to the circus (lots of oohing and ahhing and laughing) than any crowd I’ve been in in the US. It was perfect. (When you can stop yourself from thinking about the quality of life the animals have, but I will not go there because there is no point.) Here are a few pictures of our adventure:

Here’s a little video of the guys who walked in the rotating hamster wheels:


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  1. Mary Bacon · · Reply

    I’ve only been to one circus and it was indoors, this one looks a lot better. Nice that you and the kids got to have some fun. You are correct, the expressions on the kids faces are priceless.

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