Monthly Archives: May 2012

The 3 Little Backs and How They Grew

The kids have changed so much since we arrived almost 6 months ago. Toby is now a couple centimeters taller than Teddy, after having been the same or shorter than his brother for their entire lives. Toby still has anger issues and Teddy still has sensitivity issues (as in, too much sensitivity), so the crying […]

Our Growing Zoo

We have five pets now. We started with our three hamsters that we bought the children for Christmas our first month here. Then we befriended the bunny at our favorite restaurant and I started hoping for a rabbit, so two weeks ago, we went to the pet mall and picked out a soft, fluffy, quiet […]

Happy Labor Day!

Today is the day before Chinese Labor Day (May 1st), so Nai Nai fulfilled a long-held wish to take us to her home in Dagang, a district on the ocean, and far from the city in Tianjin (Tianjin is an independent municipality, and much of it is not really city at all, but it is […]