More Taobao

Don’t worry. I won’t make another post like this for a long time, but I just have to share my joy at my second Taobao experience! I went back to show a new expat friend where it was, and was able to snap a picture of it, so that you can see what it looks like. Just imagine this extending farther than your eye can see, maybe 20 of these views long? And 3 aisles like this in some places (but always at least 2). Imagine if someone took a mile long Public Storage building and turned it into a shopping center. (Some of the shops weren’t open that day, or at least yet that day.)

I really hit the jackpot in the ¥10 and ¥20 department.

10 kuai - Maybe a knock-off of Kappa, which is popualar here, but I can't pass up shirts for $1.60.

10 kuai a piece - Super adorable outfit for Piper

80 kuai - a much-needed work shirt for Brian (I got another one, but he was wearing it when I took the pictures)

10 kuai a piece - pants for the boys to wear when it gets cold again.

10 kuai a piece - I just love this outfit with the skirt built onto the capris. I couldn't believe it was the right size and still together in the 10 kuai bin.

20 kuai a piece - also super adorable

20 kuai a piece - These really high-quality shirts, each one so adorable (there were so many different designs to choose from it was difficult) - they even went to the trouble of attaching the tags with a steel-beaded dog-tag chain.

5 kuai a piece - This and two Disney princess puzzles. You would not believe how much the Chinese love their Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds.

I did not purchase these, but they did make me laugh.

10 kuai - a little something to brighten up a little girl's bare room. She put the butterflies on herself and was so proud.

I also did not buy this, but Brian is lucky it wasn't in his size.

Not pictured: 2 Thomas shirts, 20 kuai a piece, a wooden puzzle of the Chinese provinces, 15 kuai (thanks to my amazing companion Samantha for talking down the price), and a 1 kuai popsicle for my long-suffering Piper.

Grand Total:  480 kuai – $76, 23 items

PS: I am so surprised by how many Chinese people don’t know about this magical place.



  1. Kristen · · Reply

    Very cute wall decorations.

  2. That looks like somewhere I would like to shop 🙂

  3. Piper looks SO grown up! And her bedroom is adorable! I can’t wait to see it in person in just a FEW MONTHS! 3.5 months?!!

  4. Samantha · · Reply

    The toys shop opened when I went to the Paul Frank place so I bought a lot of board games for the kids including Bingo, Twister, Duck Duck Duck, Tick-Tack-Toe and a addition and subtraction game involving biscuits and chocolate. Jimmy uses them for the one on one kids, they all like them a lot.

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