Addicted to Shopping in China

I finally got to experience the amazing Taobao street, which is like a mile-long shed (I’ll get some pictures next time I’m there), with 2-3 rows of stalls all along it, filled with vendors selling cheap everything-you-can-imagine. I hated shopping in America, but I LOVE shopping in China. Mostly because it’s so cheap that I don’t have the guilt I felt in America, even when I was buying something I needed. I also love it because it’s such an interesting adventure, kind of like a day when I’d go to lots of thrift stores or garage sales in America, only it’s all in one place. Here is what I came away with:

Here you can see the dress, one of the t-shirts (he was wearing Angry Birds before Piper peed on it by accident, but that's another story), an Angry Birds shirt, and the shoes.

Dress for Piper: ¥30

2 set of matching t-shirts for Toby and Teddy: ¥20 each shirt

2 t-shirts for Piper: ¥20

2 pairs of matching Thomas sweat pants: ¥20 each

Adorable 2-piece pajamas for Piper: ¥30

Pajamas and Little People Nativity

Hello Kitty 2-piece capri/sleeveless hoodie sweatsuit: ¥60

I just noticed that the tag says: For Sale in Japan Only

Shorts for the boys: ¥15 each

Angry Birds shirts for the boys: ¥20 each

Cranium 1-2-3 Ducks Game: ¥35

Guess Who (been looking for this everywhere for ESL purposes): ¥25

Little People Nativity: ¥30

Disney Little Mermaid Doll: ¥30

Rapunzel Barbie (biggest splurge): ¥50

Sneaker Sandals for the boys: ¥70 each

The toy measuring tool has nothing to do with the picture.

Total: ¥620 ($98) (It looks so much better if you take out the shoes and cut it down to $76)

Seriously, now I know what they mean by retail therapy.



  1. Samantha · · Reply

    Hi, April. Samantha here! I guess you made it to the good Taobao street. Was it the one next to Dicos in Hedong district? Sounds like you had a lot of fun there. You didn’t buy anything for yourself though.Carl and I went to the new mall in Hongqiao district. There is a big sale in HM. There clothes are really cheap compared to the one in Binjiang road. I bought three pieces, two dresses and one nice shirt, only 240.

    1. I did! I am pretty sure it is THE Taobao (It said Tao Bao Jie across the top – it was next to Ren Ren Le in Hedong), but if there is another Taobao, I would be so happy to try it :). I still want to get together with you and Carl, too.

  2. Kristen · · Reply

    When I was in Thailand, a family from MN came to visit some relatives. They said they always came with just one little suitcase, then bought luggage in Thailand, and filled it up with stuff to take home. Sounds a lot like China. 🙂

    1. Samantha · · Reply

      Yeah, Thailand is cheap too, in some aspects, cheaper than China. I say next time I go to Thailand, I won’t take any clothes with me, or soap or shampoo. All is cheap.

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