A Walk in My Neighborhood (Plus Some Fish)

I thought you might like to see what we see when we go out for a walk.

This is our apartment door. 2010 on the 1 side of the building. About 6 doors down, there's another 2010, but it's the 2 side of the building. Go figure.

This is the view from our apartment down to the end of the hall. Halfway between the camera and the window is where the dog poops usually are.

The elevators on our floor. Usually littered with garbage.

The friendly guard who usually sits in the lobby of our building. He always says, "Ni hao," to me. And it seems like he doesn't ever get a day off, and works very long hours every day. He even worked on Chinese New Year.

The bike parking area immediately outside our building entrance.

This is the alley down the side of the building just outside our entrance. It's how we get to the main road, but it's also where the garbage is collected, and is always wet with mysterious liquids, so we've been trying to avoid it.

Turning the opposite way of that alley, this is the way I walk to go to the bakery, or to the market, or to the park. It is also, right where I am standing, just as smelly as the smelliest place in the city, thanks to the sewer gases that seem to be everywhere. It is just especially bad right here, and I, as a rule, try not to breathe through my nose right here.

Moving a little farther forward. There are sidewalks, but as mentioned in previous posts, they are pretty useless to me.

This is a strange little intersection where 5 one way streets meet, and right in the middle is apparently a parking lot, so it's usually like a special, made-in-China roundabout. To my immediate left would be the bakery, if I went the next left ahead (kind of straight, around the construction and to the left) I'd go to the market, and the road that goes around the construction on the right leads to the park.

I have taken the road to the market. To my right is construction, and to my left are little shops that sell fruit or breakfast foods.

Now I have taken the first right down the road that leads to the market.

Coming up on the supermarket where we can buy electricity on the left, and the market is adjacent to it, just around the far corner.

This is the supermarket.

Now we've turned the corner to the market. Up on the right is the chicken lady, before you walk through those flaps into the main market alley.

Chicken, and some other mysterious things.

Seafood! The boys love coming to look at the octopus, and Piper hates coming here because it smells bad.

Mmmm, delicious.

After these fish, the shrimp are the most alive, twitching and flopping around in their baskets.

Some sea creatures.

I think there are some twitchers here.

Part of the vegetable selection.

The main market alley. The "door" at the end is the one we came in.

Sorry it got kind of lame at the end. I’ll do a better job someday when I have time. Maybe when it’s not cold, and some flowers and greenery come out (at least I hope there are flowers and greenery here).



  1. April, thanks for posting so many pics! It’s fun and makes me a little twitchy myself to see what you see every day.

  2. The pictures make China look cleaner than it actually is. Love you!

  3. Mary Bacon · · Reply

    This is great, just what I wanted to see, what it looks like over there. The seafood may twitch, but at least you know they are fresh.

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